Maricel Marcantoni Art - NYFW Showcase

Event: New York Fashion Week  - 9/8/23

     In the midst of a "Heat Wave" in September, Maricel Marcantoni Art brought the "HEAT" to Runway 7 with another amazing runway showcase on September 8th, 2023. By now, we are all familiar with this brand and the colorful garments that are part of this collection. For this show, ten models strut their stuff on the runway wearing swimwear, dresses and other fabulous garments.

     Gladys, the designer of Maricel Marcantoni Art normally performs a lovely dance routine on the runway when she addresses the crowd which adds a bit of a flavor to her fashion showcase. The joy and happiness on her face shows that she really loves what she does and her customers should feel that same joy when they purchase her garments to wear. Maricel Marcantoni Art always blesses the stage at Runway 7 during fashion week and this season was no different. Although Fall is approaching and summer is coming to an end, there are always opportunities to purchase new garments from her collection for vacations and trips throughout the year. Continue to check out Maricel Marcantoni Art's website for the latest and most colorful garments to purchase for your next getaway. Stay connected with Maricel Marcantoni Art on Instagram for the latest updates on new products and upcoming runway shows.

Maricel Marcantoni Art - Runway Show

Maricel Marcantoni Art - Runway Show

Maricel Marcantoni Art - Red Carpet


Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @maricelmarcantoniart  -

Featured Model: Laura Alexander - @firstnamelaura

Event: NYFW Powered by Runway 7 - @runway7fashion

Official Beauty Sponsor: Hot Coco Cosmetics - @hotcococosmetics -

Venue: @sonyhall

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