The Soninke Collection by LaDaska Mechelle

Event: Miami Swim Week "The Shows" - 7/6/23


     Fashion week in Miami is a one of a kind experience. Although every show has a unique characteristic about it, there’s something about having a runway surrounded by a pool of water that seems “ICONIC”. It was the perfect set up for a line up of AMAZING designers but believe me, this event didn’t disappoint.

     Among the eleven designers to showcase their latest collection LaDaska Mechelle who has been designing garments for about 18 years, presented twenty-three pieces from her collection called Soninke. Ladaska’s travels to Africa inspired her to create this collection just before Covid but she was unable to move forward so she waited for the rebrand and relaunch. Her inspiration came from the Soninke people in West Africa.

     In conclusion, one of LaDaska’ many goals is to have her garments in retailers worldwide. Taking notice of the attendees’ reaction from her fashion showcase, I’d say, it’s only a matter of time before her brand is internationally known. These breathtaking pieces may be purchased via her website at



Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @ladaskamechelle

Miami Swim Week "The Shows": @miamiswimweekshows

Venue: @slssouthbeach

LaDaska Mechelle - Runway Show

LaDaska Mechelle - Final Walk

Participating Models

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