Mua Mua - Rockstar Safari

Event: NYFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion - 2/12/23


     Every fashion show has at least one designer brand that showcases an amazing fashion collection full of pizazz and uniquely designed garments. During the Art Hearts Fashion show on Sunday, February 12th, designer brand "MuaMua" definitely fit the bill as they had 27 models walk the catwalk wearing their latest collection. This featured collection was called "Rockstar Safar" and the name perfectly fit the looks the models wore. Italian designer Ludovica Virga has been designing garments for over twelve years and this showcase has definitely overshadowed any of her previous fashion collections. You can visit her website ( to purchase any of these garments and look out for this collection to be available in stores later in June.



Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @houseofmuamua_

NYFW Event: @artheartsfashion

Venue: @angelorensanzfoundation

Video by: @ArtHeartsFashion

Mua Mua's Fashion Showcase

Participating Models

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