Elle "Resort Wear" Collection ft. Olivia Smith

Event: Miami Swim Week "The Shows" - 6/2/24


     Covering Miami Swim Week is one of the most Amazing opportunities that many of us look forward to each year. Unfortunately, like all great things, it must come to an end. However, the show went out with a bang as fashion designer Ilana Kugel introduced her newest collection of Elle "Resort Wear" swimwear for the grand finale of Miami Swim Week. This collection featured 26 total swimwear garments for men and women.

     One of the models who graced the catwalk was Olivia Smith. She wore a leopard print one piece swimsuit which had little ruffle details at the bottom and ties in the back which allows you to play with the fit of the suit for comfort. Olivia has been modeling professionally for a little over 5 year. When she was 14 years old, she made her decision to want to become a model and an actress. Olivia stated: "Everyone knew this, lol. Half of the people I told didn’t take me seriously. So my inspiration came from proving to everyone that it can and will be done. Don’t believe me?… just watch!"

     In regards to walking for Elle, Olivia stated, "Walking for ELLE was an amazing experience. They were super friendly and extremely organized. From the fittings, to ordering us room service and the swimsuits were just stunning. Scott Weissman (CEO) and the ELLE team treated us very well. What’s special about this brand is their attention to detail and their ability to be trendy and timeless at the same time. The swimsuit I wore, for instance, can be worn throughout time and never go out of style. Money well spent if you ask me."

Elle "Resort Wear" - Runway Show

Elle "Resort Wear" - Final Walk

Olivia: Family Support & Future Goals


     It means the world to me to have my family’s support. When you have people that genuinely want to see you win, it hits differently. My mom is my #1 fan and biggest supporter. And she finally got to see me walk in this year's fashion show.  Both of my parents are from Jamaica, so I was raised in a Jamaican household growing up. I’m mixed with everything but Spanish. I’m Black, White, Asian, Lebanese… etc. My 23 and me, results don’t lie, LOL.


     I'm very fortunate to walk in these shows. The opportunity has definitely built up my confidence level and has given me the experience of what to do and what not to do. So every year I walk, I just get better and better. This was my 3rd year walking for Miami Swim Week. My goals are to travel and walk for some of the biggest designers like Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace… etc. Aside from modeling, acting is my first love and we NEVER forget our first love. Stay tuned!

Miami Swim Week: Closing Thoughts


     In conclusion Miami Swim Week 2024 was a huge success. This platform offers fashion designers an opportunity to introduce the latest swimwear styles to the world as the models transform into walking hangers on the runway. The host "Amel Rachedi" who also models, closed out the event and introduced to the stage Danae Mariah who is the Chief Operating Officer of Miami Swim Week "The Shows". Danae was joined on the runway with her team who did an incredible job with castings, organizing the event and the entire production of the show. On behalf of the S.N Advertising team, we would like to say thank you to Danae for a job well done. We look forward to covering Miami Swim Week next year.


Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @elleswimwear

Featured Model: @classyliv

Event Host: @amelrachedi

Miami Swim Week "The Shows": @miamiswimweekshows

Venue: @slssouthbeach

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