Olivia London Swimwear - Fashion Presentation

Event: Miami Swim Week "The Shows" - 6/2/24


    After a long week of castings, networking events and fashion shows, the final day of Miami Swim Week had unfortunately come. Not to worry though because the final day was packed with 17 fashion brands who were to present their latest collections. To kick off the finale was none other than Olivia London who has been a fashion designer for over 20 years. She started her brand in 2020. Olivia used to design prom dresses back in high school but as she started to travel more as an adult, her passion took her in the direction of swimwear.

     The latest collection she presented for Swim Week was designed around a vision. This year's vision was "Celebration of carnival around South America and the Caribbean". Olivia stated "Showcasing at Miami Swim Week has definitely given our small brand visibility. People are starting to hear about us and it feels amazing. For the next 5 years and beyond I want my brand to grow and include menswear and children. We would also like to somehow start coordinating travel events around the world, but that seems a little far off from 5 years.

      In conclusion, if you missed this show in person, you've committed a crime. But don't worry, make sure to keep in touch with Olivia via social media @olivialondonswim regarding future shows she will showcase her collection in. To purchase any of these beautiful garments visit her website at www.olivialondonswimwear.com

Rachel Pizzolato Walking for Olivia London during Miami Swim Week "The Shows".


     One of the models who walked the runway wearing a beautiful garment from Olivia London's collection was Rachel Pizzolato. Rachel has been modeling since she was about 5 years old. She started with pageants and was invited to do a Harley Davidson photo-shoot that same year. Rachael stated "It was so much fun! I’ve always loved the glitz and glamour of pageants and walking the runway. It is so exciting to be part of such an amazing production and to meet all the models and designers during Miami Swim Week".

     Rachel wore an incredible bright multicolored bikini and a cape with a matching head cover. The material was very soft, and the cape flowed as she “Slayed” the runway - It was her favorite design of the entire event! Rachel also stated " I’ve walked in Miami Swim Week previously, but this was my first time walking for Miami Swim “The Shows.” I had such a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute. Everyone was so nice, and the event was so well organized. I can’t wait to do it again next year!"

     Rachel shared with us her goals for the next 5 years and beyond: "I want to continue working with GUESS and Paul Marciano because the overall style of the GUESS and Marciano brands fit me perfectly. I also dream of working with Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated and getting the cover of Vogue - Hey, You got to “Dream Big!” I am currently doing both modeling and acting and just finished shooting two movies. One is an action film called “Censor Addiction” where I fight Mr. Universe, Mike O’Hearn. The other is a horror thriller called “Round The Decay” where I star as the monster and cause all kinds of chaos. Halloween 2024 is going to be very memorable! I am also starring in two sci-fi/action movies called “An Encounter” and “Angel” which we will be shooting later this summer. I want to continue focusing on both modeling and acting and using my love of beauty, science, Comic-cons, and sports to expand my reach into those fields. I feel that honing my skills in everything that I love to do will only be beneficial in my career".

Olivia London - Runway Show - MSW 2024

Olivia London - Final Walk


Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @olivialondonswim

Featured Model: @beautyandbrainswithatwist

NYFW Event: @miamiswimweekshows

Venue: @slssouthbeach

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