The Black Tape Project - Final Showcase

Event: NYFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion - 2/12/23


     Sunday, February 12th, marked the final day of NYFW powered by Art Hearts Fashion. This would be a bittersweet day for all fashion lovers who attended the show. Beautiful models graced the runway while wearing garments from some of the top designers in the world. Despite it being Superbowl Sunday, the venue was packed as guests anticipated the final fashion presentation of the evening which was "The Black Tape Project". 40 + models wore different variations of colorful tape while others also wore body chains as they walked the catwalk. Some of the usual models to walk for The Black Tape Project were Virginia Sanhouse, Foshposh, etc... Among some of the models who participated in this event for the first time included Juniee Bee, Genesis Rosado and Ashley Flete just to name a few. Since this was the final performance the models stayed on stage at the end of the show and took pictures with guests while networking. Whether or not the Black Tape Project will make a comeback in the future remains to be seen. Until then, we all are thankful and grateful to Joel Alverez who is the creator of  The Black Tape Project for his vision, entertainment and opportunities this project has brought us. Check out his story on his website:


     Among the press that covered this show was Rhonda Young who is the CEO of Hot Coco Cosmetics: Not only does she run her cosmetic brand but she has also been the beauty sponsor for various fashion shows. She started this business because she was tired of products and makeup brands not paying attention to features, undertones, and skin textures of all women. The Black Tape Project has definitely accomplished this feat as the models that participated were of all sizes, colors and shapes. Although Joel and Rhonda oversee different businesses, they clearly share the common goal of providing opportunities for models in this industry. Be on the lookout for Rhonda at future fashion shows. Even though this was the last Black Tape Project showcase, I'm sure she and Joel will cross paths in the future.



Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @blacktapeproject

NYFW Event: @artheartsfashion

Venue: @angelorensanzfoundation

Video by: @ArtHeartsFashion

Body Tape Showcase

Body Tape & Chains Showcase

Participating Models

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