Gyv Me Body - Fashion Presentation

Event: Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion - 5/31/24


     It's that time of year again when models strut their stuff on the runway during Miami Swim Week. Nyki Allen was one of the presenting designers who showcased her latest collection called "Royal Court" at the Art Hearts Fashion Event. She has been designing clothes since college at Michigan State University which has been for over 30 years now. We asked Nyki where her inspiration came from? She stated, "My inspiration comes from multiple things. I love nature, architecture and evening attire. My latest collection was inspired by the Bridgerton Series, written by Shonda Rhimes".

     We also asked Nyki, Among the many swimwear brands that showcase their collection during Miami Swim Week, what makes her brand stand out. She responded "My brand stands out in several ways.

1. Gyv Me Body has been inclusive since its inception in 2014. We were the first to put a plus-size model in swimwear on a major runway with Art Hearts Fashion. That show had 24 million views, the last I checked.

2. Gyv Me Body designs swimwear that transitions from pool to play to the bedroom. This allows the consumer to utilize their investment in more ways than one.

3. Gyv Me Body only uses high-end quality fabrics that allow our suits to be worn for years.

The goal that I have for my brand is to increase reach and sales in high-end luxury boutiques, salons and hotels.

Follow Gyv Me Body on IG @gyvmebody. You can purchase any of these beautiful garments from this collection by visiting

Gyv Me Body - Runway Show

Gyv Me Body - Final Walk

Deja Natei walking for Gyv Me Body


    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It's important for each and every model who walks the runway to see themselves as beautiful on the inside and out. There is no better example of this than fashion model Deja Natei. Deja was one of the models who walked for Gyv Me Body at the Art Hearts Fashion show. We asked Deja to describe her experience walking for a brand that promotes curvy models. She stated, "Walking for a designer who promotes curvy models is incredibly empowering. It feels Amazing to represent diversity on the runway and to be part of a movement that celebrates all body types! It’s rewarding to know that my presence of curves on the runway can inspire others and help redefine beauty standards in the fashion industry.

     A woman is not one size fits all. We all are beautifully different and unique, including when it comes to our bodies. I’m grateful to Gyv Me Body for inspiring and embracing women of all shapes and sizes and for allowing me the honor to model for her collection. The garment I wore was an eye-catching red one piece swimsuit with beautiful peekaboo hints of lace. This piece hugged my curves in all the right places and made me feel confident and ready to strut the runway!

     Walking for Art Hearts Fashion was nothing short of extraordinary. The energy, the creativity, and the sheer passion that filled the runway were unparalleled. The atmosphere was electric, and the celebration of diverse beauty was jaw dropping. From the moment I stepped onto the stage, I felt a rush of excitement and pride, knowing I was part of something truly special. The designs were breathtaking, and the sense of community among the models and designers was incredibly uplifting. I would be absolutely thrilled to walk for them again at NYFW in September 2024, as it would be an honor to continue representing such a dynamic and visionary platform.


Article & Photography by: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @gyvmebody

Featured Model: @dejanatei

Miami Swim Week: @artheartsfashion

Venue: @m2_miami

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