Maricel Marcantoni Art Fashion Showcase

     Lights, Camera, Fashion! Sony Hall was the place to be on Friday, February 10th during NYFW as fashion designer Gladys Scourtias, presented her collection called "MaricelMarcantoniArt". Each model confidently walked the catwalk wearing colorful garments and some also had matching handbags. These show stopping outfits were all full of pizazz and would uplift any sour mood in seconds. Gladys, who is half Greek / Puerto Rican has been a fashion designer for the past three years. Her inspiration comes from her aunt Maricel. Maricel paints local beach and floral scenery in Puerto Rico. Gladys takes pictures of her art and turns them into beautiful merchandise. To purchase any of her fabulous garments or any other products that are part of her collection, you can visit her website at

Rhonda and Mya covering Runway 7

      Two beautiful ladies who were part of the press that covered Runway 7 were Rhonda who is the CEO of Hot Coco Cosmetics and Mya who is a fashion model and MUA. Rhonda, who started her business around three years ago, has sponsored numerous fashion shows in the tri-state area. Her cosmetics consist of all-natural makeup products that bring out the glory of all skin tones. Rhonda's goal is to provide her customers with products that not only enhance their outer beauty but give an understanding that "All" women are stunning and unique. You can purchase all of Rhonda's products on her website and don't forget to check out her fashion blog.


     Mya and Rhonda met at the "Serenity Nights" fashion show last year and the two have been covering shows together ever since. Mya wears many hats. Not only is she an amazing curvy fashion model but she's also a talented MUA, an actress, a NY hair stylist and a beauty consultant. She even supplies luxury hair extensions to her clients that need a flawless hairstyle to go with their "Soft Glam Make-up". For all booking inquiries you can contact Mya via IG "@myaluciano". Be on the lookout for these two ladies at future fashion shows and networking events.

L-Stringz performing @ Runway 7

     Last but not least, what is a fashion show without any entertainment? As soon as Rhonda and Mya walked into Sony Hall after the press check in, they were greeted with lovely music by L-Stringz who played the violin. She has 16 years of experience as a musician and during NYFW she performed songs with her electric violin such as: Beyoncé (Cuff it and Deja Vu), Rihanna (Needed Me and Sex with Me), Unholy (Sam Smith), Under the Influence (Chris Brown), Trippin (Ella Mai) and more! L-Stringz states: "I have been musical all my life. I started off as a singer and dancer in the church but after my mother moved us from Wisconsin to Atlanta at the age of 7, I found the Violin. I was most inspired by my first music teacher, who actually told me that I wouldn't be as good as those around me as I was one of 2 black kids in the orchestra and the only one who played the violin. Because I was already musically inclined, it came easy after learning the basics. My goal musically is to be considered an all around artist just like Beyonce or Rihanna except using a violin! I want to introduce the violin in spaces that you normally wouldn't see such as: NYFW, NBA, etc. I also want to give back to the next generation, and show them other avenues outside of rapping and singing." For any booking inquiries, you can contact L-Stringz at

In conclusion, Runway 7 has brought together the best of the best in fashion, modeling and entertainment. Please follow these ladies as they reach their goals and continue to shatter glass ceilings.



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Press Covering Runway 7

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