Mahogany Coast - Fashion Presentation

Event: Miami Swim Week "The Shows" - 6/2/24


     The downpours of the day couldn't stop Day 5 of Miami Swim Week "The Shows" from showcasing some of the best designers in the industry. One of the amazing brands still waiting to showcase their collection was "Mahogany Coast". Eighteen beautiful models dazzled the crowd as they strut their stuff on the runway wearing one or two piece swimsuits. This collection was called Summer Romance. Each style has a name like Love Bomb, Desire, Dolce, etc...

     So, how did Mahogany Coast come into fruition? Bianca Stacey, who is the founder of Mahogany Coast, gave us an exclusive interview about her brands humble beginnings. She stated: My family is a mixed bag of surprises! African American, Creole and Native American to be exact but I get my looks from my Mother (thanks Mom!) lol. I grew up in different countries due to my father's military service so where I'm from is the place I lived the longest and identify with the most, New York City! I launched Mahogany Coast Swim at DC Swim Week in September 2023. I started this journey in the summer of 2022 on a vacation where I found myself taking note of all of the women in one-piece swimsuits around me and thought, "Huh, could I actually design suits that make you feel comfortable, cover those areas you really wanted covered but look sexy as hell?" And I thought why not? So I did it...without hesitation. I'm a designer in my day job as well, but in a very different capacity (tech). I put myself through school after my undergrad degree (Northwestern University outside of Chicago) and attended Parsons, The New School for Design and FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City after graduating from college at Northwestern. So I am finally using that education and creating swimwear! The name "Mahogany Coast" was inspired by all the beautiful black and brown women in my life. The richness of their beauty, their strength and our culture... like Mahogany.

You can purchase any of these swimwear garments by visiting - Don't forget to follow Mahogany Coast on IG @mahoganycoastswim.

Mahogany Coast - Runway Show

Mahogany Coast - Final Walk

Tana Habibi walking for Mahogany Coast


     One of the models who walked for Mahogany Coast was Tana Habibi. She wore a white one piece bikini and tassel skirt inspired by the 1920s flapper dresses. Tana is middle eastern & born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She moved to the U.S. to pursue a college degree & graduated with a Bachelors in Civil and Environmental Engineering at ASU. She moved to Miami during the pandemic. Tana stated: " I’ve always been interested in modeling ever since I was younger, but took it seriously in 2022 after I watched a Miami Swim Week show. I was inspired by the curve models because of how confident and beautiful they were. The next day I looked into signing with a modeling agency and signed with JLM and have been modeling ever since. This is my second year modeling at Miami swim week.

     Mahogany Coast was such an easy brand to work with. The designer is an extremely kind and sweet person, that is a pleasure to work with. I noticed that she chose a lot of different body types and sizes, complexions and hair types on the runway. As a woman with a large chest, finding swimsuits that fit properly can be challenging and mahogany coast’s swimsuits fit really well.


Article & Photography by: @sn___advertising

Fashion Designer: @mahoganycoastswim

Featured Model: @queenofhabibiss

NYFW Event: @miamiswimweekshows

Venue: @slssouthbeach

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