Keziah - NYFW

Event: NYFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion - 9/8/22


     Keziah presented their collection at the Art Hearts Fashion Show during New York Fashion week on
September 8th, 2022. Keziah’s line was picturesque. It reminded me of an Artist painting in a garden. The model who started the show off had a dress comparable to blank canvas. She allowed two young designers to pour paint colors on it throughout the line being shown. The models entered with pieces that appeared to be signature hand painted prints. Most models were adorned with braided crowns embellished with flowers. The colors chosen reminded me of painting watercolors. The garments had multiple hems and different silhouettes. The finale revealed a surprisingly nice take of colors against the dress’s white backdrop.



Article: @notablelooks_

Photography: @sn___advertising

Designer: @keziahbkk

NYFW Event: @artheartsfashion

Venue: @angelorensanzfoundation

Video by: @ArtHeartsFashion

Keziah - Fashion Showcase

Participating Models

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