Celebrity VIP Guest - Billie Blunt @ Art Hearts Fashion Event

NYFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion - 9/10/23


     Twice a year, fashion week comes around in New York City and the industry's finest individuals attend fashion shows and networking events. Sunday Sept 10th was the fourth and final day for Art Hearts Fashion which showcases the most talented fashion designers and models on their prestigious runway. Among the elite in attendance was none other than Billie Blunt. Billie was one of the Celebrity VIP guests to attend the show and what a show it was. Billie is well known in the industry particularly for his fashion magazine that showcases some of the best work submitted by photographers which includes Fashion show coverage, Modeling Photo shoots, Beauty shoots, etc...

We asked Billie a few questions regarding how he started his magazine. He stated:

     "I started BB Magazine as an online publication in 2014. We were not available in print or pdf. Our BillieBlunt.com website was the magazine. I did this intentionally because I wanted to create a buzz and generate a small following before taking the online publication to formats such as digital and print. I didn’t want to invest money into a print magazine without having a following to support the publication. I created a demand first.

          I do a great deal of networking and building relationships. I take time to visit editorial shoots for designers who look to submit their images to BB Magazine. Time is also spent on visiting showrooms to see what designers have to choose from for magazine covers and editorial shoots. A lot of time is spent on reviewing photos for upcoming magazine issues. I also select images to be displayed on digital billboards on Broadway & Times Square in NYC. My goal for the next 5 years is for the BB brand will appear on a network that’s available on streaming platforms".

Devin Spangler: Fashion Model

     Devin Spangler is one of the fashion models that walked the runway for Art Hearts during NYFW in Sept 2022. During this event, walked for the designer brand "Dust of Gods" and a photo of Devin along with other models was published in the Dec. 2022 edition of Billie Blunts magazine. It was inevitable that the two would finally meet. Billie and Devin were able to converse between runway shows and took time for a photo op. Devin stated: "It's honestly such an honor to even be considered for the magazine let alone be published in it. It still doesn't feel real. Billie is such an amazing person. It was great just being able to chat with him in between shows and learn how he thinks. He was so helpful and motivating and I definitely enjoyed getting the chance to speak with him".

Rhonda Young: CEO of Hot Coco Cosmetics

     Rhonda Young is the CEO of Hot Coco Cosmetics. She started this cosmetic brand a few years ago because she was tired of products and makeup brands not paying attention to features, undertones, and skin textures of all women. Rhonda started sponsoring fashion shows in 2022 and one of the shows she sponsored was New York Indonesian Fashion Week. This event was also published in the Dec 2022 edition of Billie's magazine.

     Rhonda's thoughts on being published in BB magazine: "Honestly all these are new experiences for me not only as a growing business but as a person. Being published in a magazine is something I never imagined but more and more this is feeling like I’m right where I’m supposed to be."

Rhonda and Billie finally had an opportunity to meet for the first time as well. Two powerhouse individuals that have become very successful in their respected fields. Rhonda stated: "Billie is a true gentleman. I can tell our connection will go a long way. I was truly impressed not only his style but his graciousness". 

     One thing about Billie is he is humble. He seems himself as equal to others and he doesn't put himself on a pedestal. This is why you'll always see him on the red carpet ready for a photo op with fellow individuals in the industry. Networking is the key to being successful. It opens doors and brings opportunities that would otherwise, pass you by.

    In conclusion many of us in this industry have benefited from the opportunities that Billie has provided us including S.N. Advertising. Billie, we all thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout the years. Keep doing what you do and together we will pass our success to the next generation. Check out Billie's website at www.billieblunt.com and follow him on Instagram@billieblunt.

For consideration of being published in Billie Blunt magazine, send your submissions to email..



Article and Photography:  IG: @sn___advertising



CEO of Billie Blunt Magazine - Billie Blunt: www.billieblunt.com - IG: @billieblunt

Fashion Model: Devin Spangler - IG: @devin.spangler

CEO of Hot Coco Cosmetics: Rhonda: www.hotcococosmetics.com - IG: hotcococosmetics

NYFW: www.artheartsfashion.com - IG: @artheartsfashion

Venue: @angelorensanzfoundation

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