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     Rhonda Young, who is the CEO of Hot Coco Cosmetics, started her brand in 2019. She had a vision, a goal, a dream and has worked tirelessly to break the glass ceilings. The year 2020 was very challenging for her business as well as everyone's because everything was shut down. All events were cancelled and people were staying indoors for the most part, so cosmetic sales were down across the board. However, in 2022 Rhonda made a bold move and decided to begin sponsoring fashion shows. She needed to get her brand as much exposure as possible. What's the point of having a great business if no one knows you exist?

Deja: @dejanatei

Brazy Luca: @itsbrazyluca

     Rhonda put her foot on the gas and sponsored fashion shows such as New York Indonesian Fashion Week, Serenity Night Fashion Production and The Fashion Life Tour for Miami Swim Week. Rhonda has now made so many connections by networking and collaborating with talented individuals such as Semeyer Sutton aka "Mya", Deja Natei and Brazy Luca just to name a few.

Photos from the VIP and Red Carpet.

Rhonda's hard work would soon pay off when she announced that her brand "Hot Coco Cosmetics" would be the OFFICIAL BEAUTY SPONSOR for Runway 7 for the New York Fashion Week Sept 2023 season. This breathtaking opportunity has provided Rhonda the exposure she needed for her brand. She was able to attend the fashion shows with VIP seats and took photos on the Red Carpet with models, designers and special guests. Rhonda stated: "Being the official Cosmetic Sponsor for RUNWAY 7 has been an amazing experience. Being a part of such an amazing production is something I never imagined for my brand. The intensity, the grandness, and showcasing over 70 designers makes Runway 7 one of the best fashion productions of the season. What were your thoughts regarding the designers and models that participated at Runway 7? Runway 7 has a way of bringing together some of the most diverse groups of people! Their stages allow for models and designers from around the globe to showcase their passions during the biggest event of the year! The amount of marketing that went into making sure my brand was highlighted was wonderful to experience. We got our 1st real billboard in Time-square. What more could a brand ask for?"

NYFW brought Hot Coco Cosmetics a great amount of exposure. Hot Coco Cosmetics was featured on a Billboard in Times Square (Left). Check out the official Hot Coco Cosmetics NYFW re-cap video. (Right)

Video by @hotcococosmetics

Billboard in Times Square

Video by @synematicfilm

Official Beauty Sponsor Video

      Rhonda and her team had the pleasure of watching the runway shows from the VIP section @ Runway 7. One of the designers who showcased an impressive collection was Seydehwon. Seydehwon who is African, has been a fashion designer for only 5 months. He is an artist and people started to request that he put his art on t-shirts, hoodies and jackets. After doing so for a while, he decided to focus on designing his own clothes. He has a distinct aesthetic and didn’t want to just put his name and art on other people’s designs. The name of his collection he presented at Runway 7 is called SEYDEHWON® SS 24 “History in the Making". His collection is a reflection of himself, his art and his heritage. His parents are Ghanian and Liberian and Seydehwon is currently based in Detroit. He has never returned back home to Africa and is hoping that this experience will allow him to be able to visit his roots and expand his brand worldwide. To purchase any of the garments in his collection, you can visit his website at - Follow on Instagram @seydehwon.

Seydehwon - Runway Show

     In conclusion, this NYFW has been very Successful for Rhonda and her brand. The amount of exposure and networking opportunities have been priceless and she is looking forward to what is to come for the rest of the year 2023 and beyond. Check out her cosmetic products at - Follow Hot Coco Cosmetics on Instagram @hotcococosmetics and make sure to say tag them when you post photos while wearing products from the brand.


Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

New York Fashion Week powered by Runway 7: @runway7fashion

Fashion Designer: @seydehwon

Official Beauty Sponsor: @hotcococosmetics -

Venue: @sonyhall


Press Covering Runway 7

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- Model / Blogger: @dejanatei

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