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     Deja Natei is a fashion model based in Ohio with 11 years of experience in the industry. She has walked the runway in some of the top fashion shows such as Runway 7 and New York Indonesian Fashion Week just to name a few. She is also a brand ambassador and has represented brands such as: Lexus, Remy Martin, Facebook, MGM, Sorme cosmetics, Super Pretzel, Maker’s Mark, Kellogg’s, Tito’s and more. She's done background acting for Nike. Some Brands she has modeled for include: Mystic Tan, Reformation Clothing, He Loves Curves Boutique,, Able Care, Meechie Skin Care, Vie Beauty, Good Drip & Styled by BB.

Deja most recently covered Miami Swim Week with the Hot Coco Cosmetics team. She covered 3 fashion shows which include The Fashion Life Tour and Art Hearts Fashion.



Dress: Puff Sleeve Frill dress Flamboyan Collection from Maricel Marcantoni Art


Dress: Crossover Halter Maxi Dress from Forever 21

Shoes: TAYLOR-19 HIGH HEEL from Shiekh

We asked Deja a few questions regarding her experience covering Miami Swim Week.

The first show you covered was The Fashion Life Tour. What did you think about this event including the designers and models that participated in the show?

The show was amazing! I enjoyed the variety of designers that showcased. It kept me on my feet excited to see what designs were next to come down the runway. The models looked amazing and had so much energy on the runway. I loved how the show also had performances in between designer sets. All in all, I'm excited to see another fabulous show from the Fashion Life Tour.

Hot Coco Cosmetics was the beauty sponsor for the Fashion Life Tour. What was it like sitting front row with the CEO of a cosmetic brand at a fashion show?

Honestly I felt so honored to sit front row at a fashion show with a CEO of a cosmetics brand. Rhonda is amazing and showed me a behind the scene glimpse of what it looks like being a sponsor of a fashion show. Oh and let me not forget to mention her show stopping outfit! It was truly an amazing experience and I'm grateful to have been a part of it.

What was it like to represent the Hot Coco Cosmetics brand as a model and blogger?

I loved representing the Hot Coco Cosmetics brand as a model and blogger. I love their makeup and was so excited to have this opportunity. The Hot Coco's Cosmetics team is super supportive and made me feel welcomed from Day 1. Being a part of the team helped me elevate my modeling career by leaving me with amazing tips and tricks on navigating the blogging world. To be on this team was a beautiful experience.

What did you think about covering the Art Hearts Fashion event? Meeting the designers, taking photos with the models on the Red Carpet, the artwork they had displayed and your overall experience?

The show felt like a wonderful dream that you didn't want to wake up from. Walking into the event you're treated like VIP. The drinks they had were divine and everyone was so pleasant to talk to. The guest came dressed to impress and had me drooling at all their unique and creative outfits. Everything was top tier! The art at the show was truly remarkable and it added a touch of pizazz and sophistication to the overall experience. The show took my breath away! The designs the models were wearing down the runway had me ready to pull out my wallet and shop till I dropped. What really amazed me was not only were the models impressive on the runway, they were also so personable and friendly to talk to and take pictures with. ArtHearts Fashion Show was truly an amazing experience, chefs kiss!

Explain your desire to one day walk in a fashion show for Art Hearts.

I would love to have the opportunity to walk in a fashion show for Art Hearts. I love their attention to detail and the quality of their shows! Every Art Hearts show I've been to has always left me amazed by the beautiful location they choose for the show. They always have amazing designers, the show stopping artwork, and the models who grace the runway with such poise and confidence. My dream is to be able to model in an Art Hearts fashion show and be able to bring the designer's vision to life on the runway by modeling and alluding poise, grace, and confidence.

Deja taking photos on the Red Carpet & backstage with notable models and designers.

Left: Deja / Right: - @lexivrodriguez_

Left: Deja / Right: @nataliafedner

Left: @earthy.mary / Right: Deja

Left: @virginiasanhouse / Right: Deja

Left: Deja / Right: - @flexingphoebs

Center: Deja / Right: @mannydixon

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Article and Photography: @sn___advertising

Featured Model: @dejanatei 

The Fashion Life Tour Beauty Sponsor: @hotcococosmetics

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